Friedt Herefords



We purchased 1060 in the 2021 Stuber Ranch bull sale. He was used on our replacement heifers with great success. His calves come easy and grow fast. They are square hipped, heavy muscled, and clean made. Heifers he sired have made their way to the replacement pen.


We used 0245 as an AI sire. He is owned by Bill Cox from Washington. 0245 has good performance with extra carcass numbers.

H5 9131 Domino 2185  SOD,DLF,HYF,IEF

$52,500 (Half Int.)
Harrell 2013 Top Selling Bull

Tremendous individual with the performance data to back it up!

We purchased 1/4 semen interest and future spring possession as partners in the Harrell 2185 Partners because of his outstanding individual performance and unequalled EPD package, along with an outstanding dam and cow family.

Semen packages available:
$1,200 for 15 straws/7 certificates
$2,500 for 40 straws/20 certificates
Additional certs $65

SR Sustain 814B  CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF

Sire of cows in our herd.

We purchased 814B to add the popular calving ease sire Churchill Sensation 028X bloodline to our herd. With an outstanding profile and extra thickness we like his his performance and carcass data.

FH L1 Domino 902  SOD,DLF,HYF,IEF

Sire of cows in our herd.



0054 was used AI. He was purchased by Van Newkirk Herefords in the 2021 Holden sale. He sired an outstanding set of calves. They are marked right with a lot of performance.


H5 5019 Advance 8217 DLF,HYF,IEF 

Purchased in the 2019 Harrell Hereford Ranch production sale because of his outstanding individual performance and carcass data along with a striking profile. A strong EPD package is enhanced by his outstanding mother.
Owned with Hermann Ranch, Lemmon, SD.

H5 1147 Advance 417 CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF

Act. BW 82  205 wt. 784  365 wt. 1315
Friedt Herefords purchased a semen interest in this co-top selling bull at Harrell Hereford Ranch, Baker City, Oregon because of his individual performance, carcass data and outstanding first calf producing dam. Owned with Sand Rock Ranch, Benton, WI, 608-778-8685, and Harrell Hereford Ranch. Semen available.


Sire of cows in our herd.

FH Navarro 242 MD  DLF,HYF,IEF

Sire of cows in our herd.

One of the high sellers in our 2013 sale to longtime commercial customers Delvin and Kelli Dukart.
This Navarro son had great performance and comes from a really strong maternal cow family.

CL 1 Domino 124Y 1ET  DLF,HYF,IEF

Sire of cows in our herd.

We selected this outstanding prospect from the Cooper Hereford sale. He is a thick made individual with below average birth weight and outstanding performance and carcass traits. He is a perfect fit for our herd bull lineup. Owned with Rafter T Herefords, Ron Thom, Spiritwood, ND.


9102G was used AI on our heifers with great results. His calves were well accepted in our 2022 sale. His heifers look like the productive kind.


Sire of cows in our herd.

This bull was purchased in the 2018 Harrell Hereford Ranch sale because of his impressive performance data and carcass strength. His dam ratios 125.3% on IMF on 7 calves.

H5 9131 Yankee 156  DLF,HYF,IEF

Sire of cows in our herd.

Our pick in the 2012 Harrell Hereford Ranch Sale, he combines length, thickness, and carcass qualities on a sound skeletal structure with top notch, balanced EPDs.

FH 026K Domino 304  SOD,CHB,DLF,IEF

Sire of cows in our herd.

304 has set the standards for which all bulls entering our herd are compared. His EPD package is awesome and we believe his daughter will be his most important asset.
He is a 9 trait leader with excellent performance data.

Owned with Boehnke Hereford Ranch, Kramer, North Dakota.

FH L1 Domino 695 MF  DLF,HYF,IEF

Sire of cows in our herd.

Hetle Hereford Ranch of Elgin, ND purchased 695, an outstanding son of 304, in our 2008 production sale. Based on his performance and the performance of his herd bull producing dam we purchased half interest from Hetles to replace his sire.
We currently have semen for sale from 695. For information, contact Gary.

Owned with Hetle Herefords, Elgin, North Dakota.