Spring 2021

Friedt Herefords production sale will be February 10, 2021 at Stockmen’s West in Dickinson, ND.

We have all had to deal with many circumstances beyond our control in 2020. We in agriculture have a survival mechanism that kicks in whenever we are confronted with the adversity we have seen in the past year. We cannot hunker down and wait for the problems to blow over. We as producers put our shoulders to the wheel and make decisions that we feel are the best for the situation.

I am thankful that we live where we live, where there are like minded friends, neighbors and communities that share the same moral compass and life compassion.

2020 saw the addition of two new grandchildren. Dusty and Megan added Heston to the family and now have five boys. Drew and Lindsey added Claire to the fold and have three girls. Aaron married Tatian Stennes in June at the ranch before Covid really went wild and we are grateful to the large gathering of friends and family that came to celebrate.

We look forward to the approaching sale day on Feb. 10, 2021. We are especially proud of this year's offering as we feel it is the most consistent and deepest offering we have brought to town.

Please take time to check out the videos and sale catalog and additional information on the bulls.

We are keeping a sement interest in a few of the top bulls. We will work with the buyers after the sale to make travel arrangements for these individuals. If you have any questions please call Gary at 701-824-2300 or 701-290-7231.

Thank you for visiting our website and call or email for more information.

We are partners with the Byron Bayers family, as we are managing their herd of cattle at our ranch. We are working to move their cattle up to our calving dates, as of this date, they have a few bulls in the sale and also offer cattle by private treaty.

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