H5 9131 Domino 2185  SOD,DLF,HYF,IEF

$52,500 (Half Int.)
Harrell 2013 Top Selling Bull

Tremendous individual with the performance data to back it up!

BW 205 wt/WR 365 wt/YR SC REA/# cont. MARB/# cont.
83 784/119 1358/117 41 cm 14.7/120 4.03/132

We purchased 1/4 semen interest and future spring possession as partners in the Harrell 2185 Partners because of his outstanding individual performance and unequalled EPD package, along with an outstanding dam and cow family.

Semen packages available:

$1,200 for 15 straws/7 certificates
$2,500 for 40 straws/20 certificates
Additional certs $65

Contact Bob Harrell Jr @ 541-523-4322 or Gary Friedt for semen packages.

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Harrell 2185 Partners include
Friedt Herefords, Mott, ND, P&R Herefords, Leedey, OK, Ottley Herefords, Quincy, WA, and CX Ranch, Pomeroy, WA.


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